HP 1010 Driver

The HP 1010 is not being supported for windows 7.  HP indicates on their site that there will be no HP 1010 driver available.

HP 1010 Printer driver for windows 7

HP 1010 driver

This was very disappointing to me.  I have been a long time customer of HP and I really feel like they turned their back on their clients.  How can there be on driver available to download or install.


The HP 1010 has been a great work-horse printer for me.  As a computer tech, I was unwilling to accept that there is no driver for the printer.  I wonder if they think that thousands of us are going to run out and buy a new printer just because they aren’t going to make a driver to download.  Well, if that was their thought, they are dead wrong.

I searched dozens of forums looking for a good driver to download for my HP 1010.  There were several solutions posted, however they either did not work or they quit working after a short period of time.

I only moved to Microsoft windows 7 because my old computer crashed and windows XP was not available.  I did not like Vista at all.

To make a long story short, after a lot of searching and many hours of my own time spent working on this hp 1010 driver issue, I came up with a permanent solution that works like a dream.  My HP 1010 is now running perfectly on windows 7.  I do not experience any of the slow printing problems that some of the solutions talked about. I think I have the perfect work around for the driver problem.

Anyone can follow these 6 simple steps and have their HP 1010 printer up and running on win 7 in just a couple of minutes.  I am also going to include a video showing each step of the driver install process.

HP may be a great computer company, but they have lost a lot of my respect by no longer supporting legacy printers.  I hope this printer driver download solution allows you to continue to use your HP 1010 printer for many years into the future without any problems.

I would like to ask everyone that reads this page to contact HP technical support or hp sales and let them know how disappointed we are that the printer driver is not available on their site.  This is just poor customer service in my opinion.

I want to assure you that once you have this solution and you have followed these basic steps, your HP 1010 will be running like on a top on your windows 7 operating system.  Your computer will print at full speed.  This solution works not only on windows 7 32 bit operating systems, but also works well on the windows 7 64 bit operating systems.

If you need this solution, simply click HERE. You will have instant access to the solution.  I would also  like to know how many forum and blog sites you have visited without finding a good solution for the HP 1010 driver windows 7 issue.

Get the solution Here

223 Responses to HP 1010 Driver

  1. Daniel says:

    I was looking for hp 1010 driver for a long time!!!
    please if you have good solution please send it to my e-mail address because I need
    it so so so … thank you so much
    please send it to me

  2. utahjeff says:

    Thank you for the information. I was not able to print on my HP 1010 after I upgraded my windows to windows 7. You saved my ass. Thank you again.

  3. amit dhingra says:

    you are not giving solution. only mentioning about it.

  4. YG Han says:

    I have been looking for this hp1010 printer driver for Window7 at Korean website. but I could not get any good information.
    I also need this driver now. Otherwise, I need install Window XP at my PC again.
    Would you pls send it to me ?
    Thanks a lot for yr help in advance!

  5. sheila bettaney says:

    I should be very grateful if you would send the solution to this problem to my above email. I have to upgrade to windows 7 and do not want to buy a new printer.

    many thanks

  6. Su Hange says:

    All I can say is thank you VERY much. Your solution to my HP 1010 driver problem worked perfectly. I have been looking for a solution for over a month. I found many sites that claimed to have a working solution, but none of them worked on my computer. Your detailed instructions took me less that 5 minutes to do and my HP 1010 is not running on my win 7 computer PERFECTLY. Thank you again. You’re the man!

  7. Michael Chan says:

    Pls sent me the steps for my hp1010

  8. Shelly Onge says:

    I can’t thank you enough. I was going to buy a new printer this weekend to replace my hp 1010. It was not worked ever since I upgrade to windows 7. I have look everywhere for the hp 1010 windows 7 driver. Thank you much.

  9. Joel says:

    Finally someone who can help. Could you please send me your step by step process for the HP1010 for windows 7. Thanks in advance.

  10. Ravin says:

    Can I get the instructions

  11. Devin D says:

    Please pass along your Windows 7 solution!

  12. Eric says:

    Appreciate you taking time to solve this old problem a lot! Please send me the solution =) thank you very much.

  13. bostjan says:

    Please send the steps for my hp1010 to me.
    Thank you.

  14. Zhakelele says:

    Could you please send me the necessary steps to enable my hp1010 to work properly.

    Thank you!

  15. Bob says:

    Very nice write up, but you forgot to list where the driver is or how to download it.
    Please send information for this driver, need for a law client win 7 installation.



  16. kamyar says:

    Please sent me the steps. I am sure it will work.

  17. Kgian says:

    Can I have the solution to my email please?

    Why don’t you post it here?

  18. Jesper says:

    Please send me the solution as well. Thanx

  19. Max Casper says:

    please send me the procedure to set up the printer.
    I don’t want to buy a new printer.
    Thank you

  20. yusuf Shaikh says:

    cant install printer in my win 7. plz help

  21. bob says:

    sorry have i missed something?
    looks as if your have a solution but missed what it was!!

    if you could let me know

    many thanks


  22. Joao Almeida says:

    Dear Sir, can you send me solution steps for my email? I would be very much appreciated…

    Many thanks,

    Joao Almeida

  23. Alan says:

    I have the same concern & have noted that once Microsoft changes platforms, all these guys want to jump on the bandwagon & knock the end user!!

    Thank you very much for your assistance

  24. Alan says:

    Please forward the link for this driver….

    Many thanks

  25. Sami Laurinen says:

    please send instructions

  26. GOPAL PANDEY says:

    Dear Sir

    I need HP1010 Driver for win 7 driver for 32 bit & 64bit

  27. rameshwar says:

    could you pl z help me out in downloading driver for hp1010.
    since i have searched every where but every thing was in vain.

  28. alaattin says:

    Could you send me the solution with email? I really need the solution. thanks….

  29. Ales Vogrin says:

    I am kooking for a driver for a long time.
    I have HP1010 on my old PC with win XP and it is shared in my home network so I can not print on my others win7 computers.
    I would like to try out your solution.
    Many thanks!

  30. Sean says:

    Please could you send me your solution ! Been struggling for ages to find one that works.

  31. BHALU SHIYANI says:

    i am very exciting to know how HP 1010 drivers install in windows 7… you mention all those problems but you did not give proper solution. plz can you tell how to HP 1010 driver install in 7 … plzzzzzzzzzzzz.. THANX A LOT

  32. Please would you be so kind as to assist me with the installation of a HP1010 on Windows 7. I either need to find a solution or replace my Mom’s printer. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

  33. Valentine Suwanda says:

    Please gimme the 6 steps solution for this hp 1010 issues… How disappointing that HP make it that way… Thank you for the information

  34. juan says:

    Please, can you send me the solution you mention to my e-mail address? I have tried and tried but to no avail to make my HP1010 work with windows 7….. It is incredibly frustating!!!!


  35. Andrea Meszaros says:

    Pls sent me the steps for my hp1010

  36. Andrea Meszaros says:

    Please sent me the steps for my hp1010

  37. Hengameh says:

    I was looking for hp 1010 windows 7 driver too. There was no useful solution till now. Will you please send me yours as well?

  38. Cindy says:

    I have been searching for the driver forever!!
    Please send me the steps too.
    Appreciate for your solution in advance!!
    Thank you

  39. Lars Edivinson says:

    Please send me the solution

    Regards Lars

  40. Oltg says:

    Hello! As well as the lack of support you are outraged by the software on the HP1010 for Windows 7. Please send me instructions to resolve this problem. Regards, Oleg. Russia.

  41. ayman karram says:

    I should be very grateful if you would send the solution to this problem to my ………….i really need it pls

  42. sasan says:

    Pls sent me the steps for my hp1010

  43. Dainius says:

    Please sent me to the steps for my hp1010

  44. Yan Qing says:

    Could u plz kindly send the solution to me?
    Feeling great to know that i no need to buy a new printer to fit with my new laptop!
    Thanks a lot!

  45. Alex says:

    Please if you have a solution for hp 1010, and win 7 x64, help meeeeeee…. please….

  46. Chamnarn says:

    Dear Sir

    I have a problem my printer hp lasetjet 1010 can’t install driver on windows7 , i can use hp laserjet on win xp , if you have a good solution please send to my mail

    thank you.

  47. Mauricio Gomes Bernardi says:

    Preciso do driver para impressora hp laserjet 1010 para windows 7 64 bits

  48. amyliu says:

    I feel exactly the same as you for the HP poor customer service. Would you pls share your steps to me. Thank you in advance! Amy

  49. Dan says:

    Is there a link to your solution on this site? If so, I can’t find it. Please send my the solution.


  50. Alex says:

    I was looking for hp 1010 driver
    please send your solution to my e-mail address
    thank you

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